How to register a Google Adsense account

- 15 June

How to register a google adsense account

Open the “Google Adsense page”. This is the page you will go to in order to sign up for Google Adsense .

Select a  Google Account: select the google account you want to use for google adsense

If you don’t have the google adsense account you want to use on the list click“use another account” and enter your email and password.

If you want to receive google adsense updates click yes in the get more out of google adsense” section and no if you don’t want to receive any updates.

Select your country: click the country/territory dropdown box and then select your country name

Then click “create account” it’s a blue button at the bottom of the page . this will help you to create google adsense account for your email address.

You should then provide your website domain,click the “continue” button to continue the registration.

Enter your payment information
Go to google adsense homepage and click (get started) when will appear in the middle of the page

Enter your location details:
Type your street address into the :address line 1 text field,then enter your city,state,zip number and phone number in their labeled fields.
Click the “submit” button at the bottom of the page.

Check the “text message”box. This option allows google to send a verification code to your phone number via a text message

Click [Get verification code]doing so will prompt google to send a verification text to your phone number.
You will receive the verification code in your phone messaging app,it could be a five-digit or six-digit confirmation code in the text.

Enter your verification code into the text field in the middle of the [submit]and it will complete the adsense setup.
All you need next is how to get approved by Google Adsense fast.

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