How to add the Facebook page plugin to your website

- 11 July
How to add the Facebook page plugin to your website

Adding your Facebook page make it easier for people visiting your website to be able to like and follow and share your website Facebook page:

The methods to follow:

The like box allows your reader/user to like or become your Facebook page only works with your Facebook page.

The like box plugin allows you to promote your Facebook page
It helps the user/reader to like /follow and share your Facebook page without being redirected to the Facebook homepage. The user/reader will be updated whenever you post on your Facebook page.

Go to the like box configuration page:

Facebook developer made it easier to configure and create the like box plugin for your website.
Got to the like box configuration page here:

Go to your Facebook page in another tab and change your view to <view as visitor> then copy the url on the top of your browser.

Then switch back to the like box configuration page tab. Paste the Facebook page url you copied to the <Facebook page url>text box.

Fill the other form

You can change the width, height and colour of the like box plugin. But if you didn’t make any changes , Facebook will automatically make the like box adapt to your website.
There are also four options check boxes you can select:

show friend faces
show post
show heads
show border

-show friends faces will show the picture of friend who already like the page.

-show posts will allow you to show posts from your Facebook page’s timeline inside the like box.

Show header will display the <find us on Facebook> header on the like box.

Show border will create a border around the box.

Click the <Get code> button
When you are done customizing the setting to your taste, click the <Get code> button. When you click the <Get code> button , a page will pop up showing the JavaScript code in the first box, copy and paste the code the html/JavaScript section on your website.

Copy and paste the second code into your website

Go to the previous page and copy the second JavaScript code. Then go to your website and paste it to the actual place, you wish the to see the like button on your website.

Save and check on your plugin.

When you are done adding the both code to your website ,save your changes and check the webpage itself and there the Like box would show up.

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