How to apply for a YouTube AdSense account.

- 03 July

How to apply for a YouTube AdSense account

Here are the steps to take:

Go to in any browser you desire. But I prefer using Chrome or Firefox because they enhance the features of navigating through the YouTube website.

When you go to the link above you will be redirected to your channel if you are logged into YouTube account.

If you are not logged into YouTube. Click the <Sign in> button and then enter your email and address and password of the account you wish to use for AdSense.

If you don’t have a YouTube account see How to create a YouTube account.

-Click your profile icon and a drop down menu will appear.

-Click the channel button and find the <Monetization> button. Then you will click enable.

-You will have to agree to the YouTube monetization terms. Click on the start button and you can use the let YouTube email you by clicking on the <Email me> button and click <I accept> in the bottom-right corner of the page.

-Click on the <Start> button and click <Next>. Then select your YouTube Google Account.

-Then you will have to enter your Google AdSense information.

-Leave the <Url of your site> text field blank.

-Check the <Yes/No> box button under the <Get more out of AdSense> button.

-Click the <Select a Country> box button and then click your Country.

-Click the <Yes, I have read and accept the agreement> box button.

-Then click [Create account] after that you have successfully created an AdSense account for your YouTube.

Hope this help you out.

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