Get paid using your phone browser

- 17 January
This world is full of surprises, there are lot of ways by which you can earn money. I guess you have been searching for a long time, the best ways of earning.

Do you know that you can get paid using your phone browser, you have been using your phone to browse or surf the internet using data connection or Wi-Fi plan and you are paying hard just to get connected to the internet.

 This is a means of getting paid for all your data or Wi-Fi fee.
I have just researched and used this app I am about to dispose to you.

Mcent browser is an app that is just like the famous chrome browser, it contains the same features of a chrome browser. This app got more better with faster speed and download booster.

Mcent browser contains many features such as :

  • >> It contains a button to help you choose if you want to display your view to full-screen. This will enhance your surf view. 
  • >> It helps you to choose desktop or mobile view to enhance good UI experience. 
  • >> Mcent browser helps you zoom 🔎  into the content you are trying to read. 
  • >> Mcent allows you to change your browser theme to Night 🌃  mode to help you read content and surf the internet conveniently.
  • >> It contains feature such as Bookmarks, Downloads, History, As Block, Add Bookmarks, Refresh, Incognito tab and the recent tabs buttons. 

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Mcent Browser helps you earn recharge point to help you replenish your Courier Network Credit, you get points for surfing the internet and downloading through the mcent browser.

 This browser is full of surprises and I guess if you maximize the browser usage you can get much out of it.

You also earn points by referring more users to download and use the browser. You get 1000 points for the referral point, the secret of maximizing your points is to set the mcent browser as your default browser.

With the above review on mcent browser you will be able to maximize your points and exchange your points for recharge credits.

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